3 Second Long Time

“ So…” said Nindy broke this silent hill behind stowbery garden in edge city. This ill is oue favorite place to free problem and enjoy in some times, with joke and singing together. This hill like dumb heaven, very calm and beautiful. We can look star in the sky, like light river. “ You want meet with me in this night, and ask to me come here only to keep silent ???” I only can smile. Really, I don’t know what must I says. Really, I know only….. what must begin from where. There are many things hipe in my brain, many things word, together in my throat.

However, all endur with sensation in my heart, that can not calm and clear Nindy’s eyes. In my heart only can said “ Ah Bima, Bima you are very stupid. Bima you are so bad. I only can fault my self. That, brave worship own friend. However ones again, what can I do ?? Adult, my feel different to her. I Know, Now I can’t eat a bowl of mie instant, can’t give my shoulder if she cry, can’t able singing together with to embrach her shoulder, and can’t hug her without my heart give fast sensation. Now, I can’t walk together with big laugh and arm in arm, without my warn feel this very stranger., That came in my heart corner. And, I can’t look her clear eyes without think and hope if I can straight together. What Happen if I make this friendship became clumsy ?? People said if love not sin. Became people can’t said “Hay, my heart you may not loving her”. Or “ You must love her/him” All happen coz heart said that. And, I can’t feel wrong with all.

However, How I express my feel and honest all with her. She looks sweet, small laugh, can make me since in her beautiful face and forget all what I must said. Ih.. maybe coz I can’t see scared expression in her princess face. I can’t shadow if she know I Love her.


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